Chat Rules

Before you join our support chatroom, you must first agree to several rules.

Firstly, you should stay on-topic. This means that the support chatroom is meant for support, and support only. If you just want to chat for fun, we advise you to join the fun room.

Secondly, Do not repeat your question. There are not always people that can help, and if there are they might be busy. Repeating your question will only annoy us, and it will not make us want to help you.

The rest are basically the standard rules that one might expect in a chatroom or other online communities.

Finally remember that access to this chatroom is a privilege, not a right. Operators may decide to revoke this privilege at any time if they feel you are misbehaving.

Choose a Nickname

To join the chat, you must first choose a nickname.


Using another Client

If you prefer to use another client to join our chatroom, like mIRC, you can do so by connecting to the server and joining the channel #stuffplug for support, or #banana for fun.

Some clients support joining the chatroom through an HTML link. If your client does, you can join by clicking here (support) or here (fun)

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