Happy new year!

Monday 1 January 2007, 02:58

And best wishes for 2007 to everyone smile.gif

And to start the year of good, I've released the first beta of StuffPlug 3 just a few minutes ago!
It's not 100% functional, as the keyboard-led flashing and the talk while blocked feature are completely broken, and the CE/DP Stealer doesn't appear to pick anything up. Apart from that, everything should be working biggrin.gif
However, if you do encounter any bugs, please do report them on the bug manager!
And if you have any question, don't be afraid to ask them on the forum smile.gif

Have fun,

PS don't expect any updates before 4 jan, I've got a rather important exam on the 3rd wink.gif

Comment by RedMist

Monday 1 January 2007, 03:34

Happy New Years everyone. Thank you for the beta release, its been a well waited for extension to msn. biggrin.gif

Comment by linx05

Monday 1 January 2007, 04:22

Thank you for the release. But it seems there is a bug preventing people using SP3 with 8.0.0812.00. You can view it here.

Comment by MattyRid

Monday 1 January 2007, 05:19

Anybody have a mirror I can download off? It seems the download link on the main page does not like me sad.gif

Comment by linx05

Monday 1 January 2007, 06:16

Works for me: *snip*

Try this mirror. I will remove it in 1 hour. *snip*


Comment by Josuexs

Monday 1 January 2007, 07:46

Happy New Year!!!!. And thanks for the surprise.

Comment by x2zen

Monday 1 January 2007, 09:23

Happy new year everyone.

Comment by Alex P

Monday 1 January 2007, 12:27

Happy new year! And thanks for the beta, excellent work! biggrin.gif

Comment by The UneXist

Monday 1 January 2007, 13:10

A very happy new year for the whole StuffPlug team biggrin.gif

I was shocked when I came here today and seeing that the Beta is lauched

Thnx laugh.gif

O and TheBlasphemer: Good luck with you're Exam



btw Cool launch date smile.gif new year, new opportunity's

Comment by papuya

Monday 1 January 2007, 15:43

happy new year

Comment by Luigi

Monday 1 January 2007, 16:02

Happy new year to everyone and a big thank you to TB!!

Comment by Rekzai

Monday 1 January 2007, 19:46

Thanks so much for this !!!!! Happy new year everyone !!!!!!! tongue.gif

Comment by snAke

Monday 1 January 2007, 20:28

happy new year everyone, and thanks for the beta laugh.gif biggrin.gif

Comment by Chatlein

Tuesday 2 January 2007, 00:50

Happy New Year!!

Going to try the Beta 3!! biggrin.gif

Comment by Annuix

Tuesday 2 January 2007, 01:33

Happy New Year, and a Beta? wow...

Comment by Exhaubs09

Saturday 26 December 2009, 14:49

merry christmas and a happy new year to everyone on here
andd all this advertising sounds good, will be class getting some new members :

Comment by Exhaubs09

Monday 28 December 2009, 17:37

As I said on there; Its leading up to something great. Cant wait to hear it when its been mastered.

Also; Happy holidays and a happy newyear.

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